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CMA Shipping 2017

  • This is a public event
  • Location: Hilton Hotel Stamford Connecticut
  • Attending: 0
  • Start: 20th Mar 2017
  • End: 23rd Mar 2017


*** This is an SGMF Supported event ***

Message from the organisers:

The Connecticut Maritime Association (CMA) is pleased to present a powerful program for CMA Shipping 2017 - Capitalizing on a Changing Industry.

The shipping industry is in the midst of transformational change - causing nearly every ship owner, cargo owner, investor, trader, lawyer, shipbroker, trade association, flag state, insurance underwriter, shipyard and other service provider to adapt the way it does business.

  • Vessel supply, shipyard capacity and ton mile demand are slowly rebalancing.
  • The world's largest economies are shifting from monetary policy to fiscal stimulus, creating potentially massive demand for all forms of ocean freight.
  • The use of big data and technology are creating a competitive advantage for those companies able to generate the data - and profit from it.
  • There is a limited supply of inexpensive capital - giving competitive advantage to those companies able to access it
  • Critical new regulations like emissions and ballast water are changing market calculus.
  • Led by the liner industry, consolidation is accelerating in nearly every sector of shipping.

This CMA is dedicated to providing the shipping community with insight into what is happening, access to the people and tools that are transforming the industry and the confidence to take action. There is current business intelligence from subject matter experts for every part of the industry.

Visit the following web-link to learn more and review the initial conference agenda: