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Tier 2 Medium sized organisations with a turnover between £1,000,000 (one million GBP) and up to £10,000,000 (ten million GBP) will be liable to pay the following fee £7500.00
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There are many benefits to membership and include:

  • Immediate online access to our publications.
  • Complimentary hardback copies of each publication.
  • Get involved as a decision maker in the future of 'Gas as a Marine Fuel'. As a member you can participate in key forums such as the technical committee, working groups and industry panels.
  • Meet decision makers by networking with high quality and credible fellow members of SGMF worldwide giving both insight and first-hand information on the industry as it develops.
  • Access to our Members Portal with vital information exclusively for members that can assist in decision making.
  • Receive regular updates on matters affecting the industry including technical, regulatory and operational developments.
  • Access to SGMF staff - experts in marine fuels, LNG, regulation, projects, operations and the maritime industry as a whole.
  • Membership underlines your credibility and commitment to this key development in the maritime industry