By changing to gas, maritime can really do its part towards combating climate change by significantly reducing emissions. Natural gas is the last fossil fuel available with others becoming far less sustainable.

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Our very language is technical, with a vast experience and wealth of knowledge available throughout the membership. Join us to help find safe, creative and innovative gas solutions for an industry that although slow to change is one that we all rely upon.

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Natural gas in all its forms is well understood and is completely safe provided we really do always think, plan, act and do with safety first in mind.

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What price for change? Nothing will change without a clear financial case clearly evident and then also helping to enable the fuel transaction in a standard manner. Quality and Quantity are as important as ever yet perhaps easier to manage with Gas.

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For everyone involved in the gas value chain, from the very source to the manifold itself, competence is absolutely vital for the safe provision, transfer and use of gas as a marine fuel. This needs real focus for non-gas maritime personnel.

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Leading the industry using our collective knowledge and experience to help and provide insightful guidance for the safe and responsible use of gas as a sustainable marine fuel.

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