Quality and Quantity still matter

We are here to help the industry transact in gas as fuel as simply and as clearly as possible. This means issues around matters such as custody transfer, methods of transfer, the transition literally from the land to the maritime environment.  How do we measure quality – does it matter? What about quantity and how is that best covered? 

As maritime switches to gaseous fuels it will fundamentally also switch from mass and volumetric based systems to those of calorific value. This is an improvement in terms of the confidence of the transaction but also for the whole planning process from the cost of the vessel operation to the efficiency of the propulsion system as a whole.

Certification of each fuel variant whether it is grey, blue or green but also its fossil, bio or synthetic origins is becoming increasingly significant.

Using gaseous fuels means it is no longer a guessing game for what is going into the manifold and how long the ship can run for, moreover a precise and sophisticated process which is a multiple step change from other traditional fuels and dare we say, much the better for it.