We are technically tuned

As the world shipping fleet is now steering towards more sustainable fuel options, the development, adoption and correct use of the variety of gas handling and propulsion technologies is playing an essential role in assuring safeand compliant gas fuelled fleet.

With a technical and safety tuned approach, SGMF is aiming to promote the use of leading edge cryogenic technology whilst lobbying  established regulatory authorities in support of the adoption of best practice and use of these technologies, the aim being vessel safety, performance and efficiency whilst continually reducing the environmental impact.

Technically focused industry guidelines are providing to vessel designers, owners and operators the necessary framework to support the coordinated and globally integrated development of shipping, supply infrastructure and operational standards. Supported by the vast expertise of its members, SGMF with a fundamental technical focus and lessen sharing environment, shares its guidelines addressing the demands of the industry to provide clear assistance on a variety of subjects ranging from operations to equipment.  Furthermore our close collaboration with fellow NGOs ensures that lessons learned are shared and adopted across the whole shipping industry.

At SGMF we are proud to be recognised as the leading experts in the use and adoption of low flashpoint fuels for shipping and the ensuing supply infrastructure. This is where knowledge and best practise are gathered from the wide experience of our members which encompasses all the value chain for the fuel including producers, suppliers, owners, operators, port authorities and classification societies and equipment manufacturers, making SGMF the largest and best represented organisation of its kind.

 With gas being your fuel choice for the future, SGMF is here to help you providing robust guidance on the technology challenge transition towards a more sustainable future.