The Society is pleased to welcome Peninsula into our membership. 



About Peninsula:

Peninsula is a global marine energy solutions provider, with 18 offices across the world.  It operates from regional hubs in Houston, London, Gibraltar and Singapore. The company’s 25-year track record of carefully planned expansion gives customers and suppliers the confidence to trust Peninsula as an integrated solution for the supply of marine fuels.

Peninsula recently announced its Global Sustainability Initiative and has launched its LNG bunkering business. With sustainability as our vision and the reduction of CO2 and Green House Gas (GHG) emissions as our immediate objective, we are now actively supporting customers with their cleaner transport aspirations.

The company is currently building physical LNG bunker supply capabilities in the Mediterranean.  Worldwide expansion across our conventional bunkering hubs will follow as LNG demand grows.  With a comprehensive supply and sales network already in place, Peninsula will become the leading, global independent supplier of LNG bunkers.

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