We are pleased to release our December Festive Newsletter to our readers, which is now available to read online here.

"Next year SGMF will be 10 years old and who would have thought the industry would be quite in the position it is today.It seems there are more and more choices becoming available, whilst at the same time an increasing time pressure to accelerate change. I am always curious to see how far down the line safety appears in fuel discussions and be assured it will always be a role for SGMF to keep it at the forefront of discussions. Projects are really coming in line now and we have seen up close those from BSM, FueLNG, Disney and MSC, everyone with a wealth of equipment, systems and good old ‘knowhow’ from members clearly on display. Perhaps the knowledge and professionalism shown by Ship’s staff on these visits have been the most impressive of all.

There is a lot to update you on in this newsletter and you will see the committees and work groups have been busy tackling the issues. As the industry grows and the gaseous fuels choice becomes more widespread there is of course more work for the Society to tackle and I am very pleased the Secretariat has increased by one in 2022 with two more intended for 2023. Engagement with key stakeholders and regulators is going to be more important than ever in moving forward and it is good to see increasing collaborations between NGOs in what is now firmly a decarbonisation and sustainability challenge.

Thank you for your continued support of the Society, from the Secretariat. We look forward to yet more involvement in 2023 and
by the time you read this the football festival will mostly be over and the festive season mostly started, wishing you safe and
sustainable holidays"- - Mark Bell, General Manager

This edition includes:

Our publications that were released this year and a sneak peek into whats upcoming in 2023!
Committee updates 
What’s happening in our Working Groups
IMO and ESSF Update
'SGMF on the Road'- a new segment which includes all our exciting activities that happened this year
Checking in on our WiGS- we have profiled more women and our initiative is growing!
Membership Update – six new members!
Upcoming Events

We wish you a great holiday season ahead and look forward to more growth in 2023!