SGMF PRESS RELEASE:   04/04/2024

NEW SGMF film becomes the latest edition in the “OCEAN TITANS” series.

Over the last few years, the maritime transport industry has come under increasing pressure to improve its environmental performance and minimise emissions.

This new documentary showcases how SGMF can leverage current capabilities essential for addressing climate change and the use of multiple fuels. As you will see, SGMF members are actively pursuing decarbonisation, and shipping is making real progress.
Since it was established in 2013, SGMF has been a pioneer in shaping the industry’s approach to the safe and sustainable use of methane/LNG. At present, its mandate encompasses a variety of new low and zero carbon marine fuels, providing guidance for the use of methanol, ammonia, and hydrogen. This expansion aligns with the evolving landscape of the marine fuel mix safely and sustainably.

The “OCEAN TITANS” series anchors analysis and insight from United Nations leading representatives, policy makers, industry and academic leaders charting a new course for the “Decade of Ocean Action” acceleration in saving our oceans with innovative, legislative and strategic solutions. SGMF: Leading the safe and sustainable decarbonisation of the maritime industry film will be released on the Reuters network on Thursday 4th April and will also be available here: