RINA with Gas and Heat, a leading company in design and manufacturing of gas containment systems and advanced cryogenic technologies, have signed an agreement to cooperate on an innovative gas supply system based on ammonia.

Gas and Heat will develop the main design of the AFSS (Ammonia Fuel Supply System) based on their long experience as solution provider as well as shipowner of gas carriers; whilst RINA will share its expertise for the energy transition towards the relevant applicable rules according to the IMO's decarbonization goals.

Within the agreement, we will cooperate on two main projects:

  • Ammonia Fuel Supply System (AFSS) for ammonia fueled ships taking into account different vessels operational profiles
  • AFSS Integration Analysis into different type of ships, considering both newbuildings and retrofit of existing ships

Great satisfaction from Gas and Heat and RINA summits for this important agreement that will open the doors to a green Fuel also in the maritime sector.

Find out more about Gas and Heat here: https://www.gasandheat.it/ 

Find out more about RINA here: https://www.rina.org/en