SGMF pays tribute to Women in Gas-fuelled Shipping in special feature

In support of the International Maritime Organization’s World Maritime Day theme for the year 2019 ‘Empowering Women in Maritime’, SGMF has published a special feature through which we recognise the women within our membership that are making great contributions and driving change in gas-fuelled shipping. We have given these inspirational women the title ‘WiGS’ (Women in Gas Fuelled Shipping).

SGMF celebrates these women as fantastic role models who demonstrate that it is possible, with the right attitude, hard work and support, to succeed in an industry that, although works hard to improve gender diversity, remains to be very male dominated.

Their backgrounds may vary from mathematics to marketing and from chemistry to ex-Commander of the US Coast Guard, but they all have one thing in common: helping their organisations, SGMF and ultimately the industry to make the massive transition away from heavy fuel oils to cleaner gaseous fuels ahead of IMO 2020 and beyond.

We hope that you enjoy reading this special feature and feel inspired by the collection of WiGS!